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High quality garden experts using organic methods for your oasis to naturally thrive

Please email with a brief description of your site and wishes with a general location and we will organize a time to meet on site.









I try to design gardens that can maintain a low maintenance aesthetic. Upon maintenance visits I apply a seaweed spray and other fertilizers and organic insecticides to show how LUSH your garden can really get!

Before Lush Greenery came to the rescue

After the third visit over space of 2.5 months

After a year of Lush's T.L.C

What we do...

Designing garden spaces and maximising the space's versatility.

Full garden treatments including hedge trimming and shaping.

Garden maintenance including weeding and clear outs of garden beds.

Identifying problems including pest and diseases to restore health of plants.

Plant selection, purchasing and planting.

I can design a full garden planting plan prior to work being done (may cost extra)

Rubbish removal available

Some of my Favorite re designs

Below are slides of progress shots over the years of maintaining and planting plans

1 person to complete

2 people for 2 hours

2 People for 1 hour

1 person for 1.5 hours


To complete: 2 people for 2 hours, Includes mulching weeding, feeding, planting and cleaning up.


Full planting plans available



Permaculture well-being workshops

Below is an outline of our fabulous workshops teaching permaculture in urban environments. Encouraging all types of gardeners and garden types to work with nature, grow nutrient rich vegetables year round and tried and tested organic gardening techniques.

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Olivia Bayley

I have a passion for gardening, an eye for detail and a wealth of knowledge regarding plant selection, pest and diseases and general garden maintenance.

I have studied Landscape Design and Architecture at Unitec, and completed many horticulture and plant courses over the past 10 years.

I specialise in designing smaller gardens and maximizing the potential of your outdoor area

I aim to work with what your needs and wants are to establish the best outdoor area for you.

We look forward to working with you!